Handy Storage & Moving Tips

Storage Hints.

• Removalists vary greatly in quality and care – talk to us about a recommended removalist that will look after your goods

• Make use of cartons, porta-robes, paper, tape, bubble wrap and covers to maintain and protect your goods while in storage

• Label all boxes carefully so retrieving your goods is quick and easy

• Stack large heavy items and appliances at the back of your storage unit and place the portable or fragile items towards the front.

• Keep goods that you need to access often at the front of the unit.

• Make use of our state of the art trolleys to move your goods effortlessly

• 24 hour back to base security monitoring gives you peace of mind all year round

• If you are going overseas for a long time cover your goods carefully to prevent dust and damage.

• Use our FREE move in trailer to transport your goods and drive right up to your door.

• Use every inch of storage space, even up to the roof, making sure you leave a walkway.

• Don’t store goods that are illegal, inflammable, explosive, hazardous or perishable.

Handy Moving Hints

• It’s always best to plan your move well in advance to ease the workload on the big day.

• Contact Broadway Self Storage to arrange a unit to store all the items you will not need on the big day.  These could include extra furniture or even the contents of your shed or garage.  By storing them early you can make the move and then collect the stored items at your convenience in a month or so time.

• Advise the service companies of your move and arrange meter readings, these can include:  Electricity, Water, Gas, Insurance, Banks, Doctors, telephone, internet, vehicle licensing, councils etc.

• Cancel your deliveries such as newspapers and milk.

• Collect up all the keys to your house in readiness of the handover.

• Leave out any manuals for the new owners.  These can include swimming pool or reticulation manuals.

• Don’t forget to arrange or change your home and contents insurance to the new address.

• Hold a house warming party for family and friends so they all know where you have moved to.